About Ben Wong

Ben Wong was founded as a small Á-la-carte and Buffet restaurant in Blairmore in 2006 by Ben and Jody Wong. Their top priority was to ensure customer satisfaction by providing the freshest food and the best service.

Their restaurant has the buffet style to accommodate the long line ups of customers waiting to try their much talked about cuisine. They continuously maintain their commitment to customer satisfaction. This commitment is the basis of the restaurant's mission statement: "Every customer must feel welcomed as soon as they arrive. Every customer must be happy and smiling when they leave".

In the kitchen, Ben Wong a first-rate chef trained in Hong Kong prepare an enticing array of innovative, exotic dishes.

Whether you are looking for a light lunch, quiet cocktails, a relaxing dinner, an elegant party or even a full wedding banquet, the Ben Wong Restaurant's attentive staff will make your visit a memorable one. The Benn Wong Restaurant is a tribute to the tradition of one of the world’s great cuisines.